When we lead, we all want to increase the effectiveness of our leadership without having to increase the pressure and stress level. One of the key factors to achieve that is to lead out of a feeling of safety. Together we will look at why safety is this key factor and look at ways on how to create safety for us and others. We will end with a practical exercise that you can apply whenever you need to feel safe.

Based on her client`s outstanding change journey, change leadership consultant Sabine Gromer (Founder of MagnoliaTree GmbH) will share insights on how to set the first 3 years of culture change up for success. This includes creating a critical community that carries the change, how to get and maintain a seat at the top table, build strategic alliances, dose the OCI data sharing and level-setting realistic expectations on the change team, the leadership and the organisation as a whole. Sabine will be joined by Anna Seweryn who is the leader of this culture journey at Bayer AG. Together they will share concrete steps in their path and give guidance on what could be adopted in other systems and organisations. Thanks to her 20 years of experience in international leadership positions and through her passion for the subject, Sabine has become an authority on change leadership.

In diesem Webinar erzählt uns Karl Meier-Gantenbein, Gantenbein Consulting, über die Culture Journey bei LILA. || In this webinar Karl Meier-Gantenbein, Gantenbein Consulting, is giving great insights about the culture journey at LILA.

In diesem Webinar spricht John van Etten mit Prof. Stefan Schwarz über seine Erfahrungen und Vorgehensweise bei der Durchführung von OCI® Projekten mit seinen Studenten. | In this webinar, John van Etten talks with Prof. Stefan Schwarz about his experience and approach to conducting OCI® projects with his students.

Vortrag "Culture matters" von Karl F. Meier-Gantenbein!

Psychologische Sicherheit in einer Organisationskultur | Psychological safety in Organizational Culture

Synergien: Warum konstruktive Stile besser funktionieren | Synergy: Why Constructive styles work better

Das Gefälle in einer Unternehmenskultur; wie die Kultur über Hierarchien hinweg von oben geprägt wird | The Cascade of Culture; how culture across hierarchies is shaped from above

Wir geben Ihnen hier einige Tipps, wie Sie ein Debriefing angehen können!, wo der Coachee ein noch defensiveres Profil in der Folgemessung hat. || We will give you some tips here on how to approach such a debriefing with a more defensive profile.

Oft werden wir gefragt, ob Führungskräfte auch an der OCI® Umfrage teilnehmen sollten - was unserer Meinung dazu ist und wie wieso, erfahren Sie in diesem Video. | We are often asked whether executives should also participate in the OCI® survey - what our opinion is and why, you will learn in this video.

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