Change Solutions for Leaders & Managers

Leaders and managers have a significant impact on those around them and on the culture of their organization. Their development is critical to employee engagement and organizational performance. Our change solutions can help you to identify the relationship between behaviors and effectiveness and build capability in the role. 

Developing effective leadership

Our research tells us that Constructive leaders outperform non-Constructive leaders.


Bringing out the best in others


Impact on productivity


Empowerment of others


Task effectiveness


Industry-Leading Assessments for Leaders and Managers

Measure impact and effectiveness, as well as leadership strategies and management approaches, skills, and styles with our assessments for leaders and managers.

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Simulations for Leaders and Managers

Help leaders apply Achievement- oriented thinking to effectively improve performance with our simulations for leaders and managers.

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Experienced Consulting and Coaching

Leading and managing have one thing in common — achieving results through others. This requires specific skills, conscious and unconscious choices about how to lead and manage, a clear understanding of one’s own thinking and behavior, an understanding of the impact leaders/managers have on those they lead/manage, and knowledge of how to apply all this to the role. Our consultants can help you to build targeted solutions for leadership and management development, from concept to delivery.

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Change Begins Here

Find out how you can develop effective leaders and managers and improve their impact on performance.

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