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General Certification Workshop

The first step to becoming a fully certified Human Synergistics practitioner. All workshops now include a individualized one-on-one debrief of your profile, as well as a post-workshop Practicum component, so you come away feeling fully confident in using the tools.

Workshop DatesLocation/Format
January 23-25, 2024Ontario office (hybrid option)
April 9-10, 2024Quebec office
April 16-18, 2024Ontario office (hybrid option)
June 4-5, 2024Quebec office
May 28-30, 2024Ontario office (hybrid option)
September 24-26, 2024Ontario office (hybrid option)
October 1-2, 2024Quebec office
November 5-6, 2024Quebec office
November 19-21, 2024Ontario office (hybrid option)

Culture Workshop

Become certified in the Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI) and Organizational Effectiveness Inventory® (OEI). Workshops now include the opportunity to experience the Roots Culture Journey Map®, for a fully immersive exploration of organizational culture.

Workshop DatesLocation/Format
February 22-23, 2024Ontario office (hybrid option)
April 11-12, 2024Quebec office
May 15-16, 2024Ontario office (hybrid option)
June 6-7, 2024Quebec office
October 3-4, 2024Quebec office
November 7-8, 2024Quebec office
October 22-23, 2024Ontario office (hybrid option)
December 10-12, 2024Ontario office (hybrid option)

Impact Workshop

The first step to becoming certified in Leadership/Impact® (L/I) and Management/Impact® (M/I). All Impact Workshops are held onsite at Human Synergistics Canada, and now include a post-workshop Practicum Webinar.

Workshop DatesLocation/Format
March 20-21, 2024Ontario office (hybrid option)
April 24-25, 2024Quebec office
June 20-21, 2024Quebec office
October 23-24, 2024Quebec office
October 24-25, 2024Ontario office (hybrid option)
November 27-28, 2024Quebec office

Open Practicum Workshop — NEW!

Due to popular request, the Practicum Webinar (now included with the General Certification Workshop) will be available to all certified clients. This exclusive, intimate webinar allows participants to submit an anonymous profile for group discussion. Gain valuable insights, explore expert perspectives, and dig deeper into the finer points of the HS Circumplex.

Availability is limited so contact us today and secure your spot!

Stay tuned for 2024 dates!