Our awards program supports us in our mission of Changing the World — One Organization at a Time®.

2022 Winners

We’re pleased to announce there are five winners of the Corporate Culture Award for 2022. In 2015, Human Synergistics Canada decided to annually celebrate organizations that have developed and maintained a Constructive Culture as measured by Human Synergistics, using the Organizational Culture Inventory™ (OCI).

This year, there are four Awards of Merit and one “Culture of Excellence” award. The Culture of Excellence award is for organizations that have achieved exceptionally high scores on their OCI.
Because of the high levels of criterion-related validity (aka predictive validity), the OCI can be used to predict employee engagement and service/product quality. Therefore, we can accurately predict that these winners will not only have high levels of employee engagement but also enjoy a reputation for superior product and service quality – in short, a great place to work.

Founded in 2015, the Award of Merit is presented to those organizations that have developed and maintained a Constructive Culture, as measured by Human Synergistics, using the Organizational Culture Inventory™ *. The Award of Excellence award is for organizations that have achieved exceptionally high scores on their OCI.

Crossroads Credit Union—Culture of Excellence Award
Operating in Saskatchewan, this multi-branch Credit Union provides banking and financial services to a wide geographical area in Saskatchewan.

Crossroads Credit Union has been on a fantastic culture journey. The organization began with a Defensive Culture in 2018. CEO Jeff Bisschop and his management team embarked on their difficult journey which included implementing a complete, assessment-based training program for their leaders and staff. Two years later in 2020, they won our Culture Transformation Award for transforming their culture from a Defensive one to a Constructive one. This concerted effort was so successful that it was
featured in a Human Synergistics International Webinar in 2022.

In 2022, Crossroads again significantly improved its culture scores. The organization now has one of the most Constructive cultures in the nation.

Trillium Mutual Insurance – Award of Merit
Trillium Mutual Insurance is in rural southwestern Ontario. It provides insurance solutions and services encompassing farm, commercial, residential, automobile, and cyber insurance. Trillium’s vision is “to be the leading mutual insurer, protecting and enhancing farm and community lifestyles.

Trillium Mutual began its culture journey in 2013. Following a three-year journey that included several leadership development workshops, Trillium won its first Human Synergistics Culture Award in 2016. They have won a culture award every year since, becoming Human Synergistics Canada’s second most stable Constructive Culture in our history. This consistency enables Trillium to attract and keep excellent employees.

Assumption Life – Award of Merit
Assumption Life is another fine example where the leaders of an organization have realized that their culture is holding the organization back; and then, making the decision to spend the time and effort to
change the narrative.

Beginning near the start of the pandemic, Assumption Life has been working with Peak Experience to transform their culture from Defensive one to a Constructive one. Assumption Life won the Transformation Award in 2021 and has now won the Award of Merit, signifying a continuation of
growth as a Constructive Culture.

Innovation Place – Award of Merit
Innovation Place is a unique organization that “facilitates the coordination and strategic direction of the Government of Saskatchewan’s support for research and development, science, and technology with the objective of fostering the development of new ideas, products, and processes to ensure the long-term sustainable growth of Saskatchewan’s economy.”

As an organization that creates, encourages, and facilitates business opportunities in the Saskatchewan technology sector, it is essential that Innovation Place operates with a Constructive Culture. Innovation Place won the Award of Merit in 2020 and again in 2022, proving that it has the
culture to achieve the province’s goals.

GGFL – Award of Merit
GGFL is a newcomer to the awards. As a large accounting firm, operating in Ottawa, Ontario, GGFL offers a full range of financial services. While is it easy for an accounting firm to slip into a Passive/Defensive Culture, GGFL has successfully proven this does not have to be the case. Their
Constructive Culture ensures that not only do they have engaged employees, but also that those employees are providing superior customer service to their clients.

The Client  Awards were created by Human Synergistics Canada to celebrate and honour clients and organizations that are living the ideals of a constructive culture.

Through our mission of Changing the World—One Organization at a Time®, we help create organizations that are constructive places to work, where leaders provide inspiring leadership and individuals see that their personal effort counts. As our research and experience has demonstrated, creating Constructive Cultures takes courage, leadership, and persistence.

We have three awards to recognize these efforts.


The winners of the Corporate Award of Merit are organizations that have developed and maintained a Constructive Culture as measured by Human Synergistics Canada. using the Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI®).

Organizations with Constructive Cultures place a high value on service and product quality, goal attainment, and the development of their people—where quality is valued over quantity; creativity is valued over conformity; and cooperation is believed to lead to better results than competition. Through individual initiative, effective teamwork and cooperation; the products and services offered by Constructive organizations tend to be of the highest quality.

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The Transformational Award is given to organizations that created a more constructive culture, using Human Synergistics leadership materials, such as Leadership WorkStyles™,  Leadership/Impact™, or Management/Impact™. In order to qualify, the Organization must have received an OCI Culture Report, developed a change strategy that included Human Synergistics materials, and then conducted a second OCI Culture Report that was significantly more constructive than the first—thus showing evidence of a transformation.

If you are involved in a cultural change program and have undertaken an OCI re-test in the past year, we encourage you contact us to see how to qualify for this prestigious award.


Human Synergistics recognizes the contribution that external consultants make in helping us achieve our lofty goal of “Changing the World—One Organization at a Time™”. These entrepreneurs have been certified by Human Synergistics and have designed interventions for their clients to help them become more effective.

Specifically, the Consultant of Excellence Award is presented to an External Consultant who has:

  • made a commitment to the use of Human Synergistics products;
  • shown creativity in product use and program design;
  • exemplified a genuine interest in mutual growth and development of themselves and their clients; and,
  • pursued a cooperative and pleasurable working relationship with clients and suppliers.

Of course, these represent the four Constructive Culture styles.