Think Blue™ Campaign

Engage your organization and its members in defining and implementing a customized cultural change initiative with the support of a culture expert. Quantify and connect culture to your top priorities, including customer experience, growth, employee engagement, and/or quality to accelerate desired results. The Think Blue Campaign begins with a thorough assessment of organizational culture followed by a facilitated debriefing and planning session with a leadership team and/or change team. The program can also include management and employee training, campaign tips and advertising, and strategy recommendations.

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Key Benefits of the Think Blue Campaign:

Adopt a Proven Language for Culture

The Think Blue Campaign provides a focus for people to adopt and rally behind. It also forms the basis of your organization’s overall culture goal – establishing and growing a Constructive Culture.

Develop Ownership of the Culture Change Initiative

Build ownership across the organizations as team members at all levels unite to support the most important improvement plans.

Facilitate Shared Learning and Results

Adjust strategies/plans and employee involvement approaches to support shared learning and performance as a team.