Culture Challenges

Businesses face a range of challenges at any given time. From avoidable mistakes turning profits to loss. Or a pending business acquisition, massive social unrest, or an unforeseen pandemic causing irreparable harm. Challenges of all sorts are inevitable, and effective leadership can help guide organizations to make the most of opportunities in creating sustainable future growth.


During times of crises, leaders and teams can use a targeted process to assess the current state of disruption, compare it to pre-crisis approach, refine work plans, and embed Constructive change. Taking time to reflect and understand a few essential culture principals and a change framework, improvements can be sustained over time.

Diversity & Inclusion

Reframing diversity, equity, and inclusion improvement strategies through the lens of culture will support organizations as they successfully drive change.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The number of articles analyzing why mergers & acquisitions fail far exceeds 70,000 and the theme of culture permeates these discussions. The consensus seems to be that cultural integration, the key to successfully merging two or more organizations, has often been deficient.


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