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The Circumplex assessment of leaders and team members

Pioneering Culture Insights

Our CEO, Robert A. Cooke, Ph.D., was one of the first researchers to propose that organisations have cultures. Cooke developed the Organizational Culture Inventory®, the most thoroughly researched and widely used culture survey, to help organizations measure, understand, and shape culture. Culture results are displayed on the Circumplex—the same graph utilized for our leader and team assessments—providing you with a common language and visual to cascade across all organizational levels.

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Training & Accreditation

Our Accreditation programs prepare Change Agents, such as consultants or Human Resources professionals, to use the Human Synergistics scientific diagnostic system to produce measurable improvements in individuals, groups, and organizations.

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Strengthen your organizations through individual development.

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Groups & Teams

Develop high-performing groups
and teams.

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Leaders & Managers

Improve the effectiveness and impact of your leaders and managers.

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Develop sustainable, high-performing organizations.

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