The Culture Journey Experience

Organizational culture and its impact on individuals, organizations, and even society are constant topics of interest. Culture has finally become a part of leadership team discussions at most organizations. Unfortunately, few truly understand it despite most CEOs reporting culture as being critical to business success.

Culture Journey Learning Map Experience

A new approach is needed to help leaders and change agents understand the complexities of culture, leadership, and their connection to performance improvement in an accelerated environment. The Culture Journey Experience was created to combine peer learning with targeted education based on facts and fundamentals about culture, climate, and change management that are not widely recognized. Human Synergistics partnered with Root Inc., leaders in organizational change, to develop this illuminating experience. The experience is facilitated in tables of 6 to 10 participants based on the Root Learning Map® methodology, which utilizes visuals, two-way dialogue, reflection questions, data, scenarios, and a workbook.

See The Culture Journey Experience In Person

ATD International Conference & Exposition
May 19-22, 2019 | Washington, DC | Booth #201

The Culture Journey Experience at Silicon Valley OD Network
June 10, 2019 | San Jose, CA

You can also learn about The Culture Journey Experience as part of our Culture Accreditation Workshop.

The Culture Journey Experience Goals and Content:

  • Culture Journey Learning ExperienceShare key learnings, experiences, and culture-related concepts to understand and appreciate its complexity and the unique culture perspectives of peers and experts.
  • Understand how cultures evolve in organizations in the first place and the impact of history on their present states; learn about important aspects of organizational climate that have shaped and continue to reinforce their current cultures.
  • Build a common language for understanding the layers of culture using qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • Culture Journey Learning ExperienceDiscover how cultures change and identify paths that increase the likelihood of shared learning and positive results with any major change and development effort.
  • Identify causal factors (systems, structures, etc.) that are part of the work climate and understand how they reinforce the current culture and can serve as levers for change in improvement plans.
  • Apply learnings at each step of the workshop to your own organization (or to the organizations with which you work).
  • Receive a workbook with discussion and reflection questions so you can apply key workshop learnings with colleagues at your organization or your client organization after the event.

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