Success Stories

In Celebration of 50 years of Changing the World—One Organization at a Time, we’re gathering and sharing client success stories throughout 2021.

With years of experience developing valid and reliable assessments, we have the honor of collaborating with skilled practitioners to improve the effectiveness of organizations, leaders, teams, and individual contributors. Here are their stories.


Kathy Opp & Kathy Hagler,

kathy opp and kathy hagler

Perme & Peterson Associates

Cathy Perme & Amber Peterson,

perme & peterson

Jeff Halsey

Jeff Halsey, consultant

jeff halsey 2

Performance to Potential

Maria Ferrante, consultant

Maria Ferrante

Wisconsin School of Business CPED

Jon Kaupla, Executive Director

jon kaupla


Anabel Dumlao, consultant

anabel dumlao

Conbrio Consulting

Bill Bancroft, consultant

Bill Bancroft consultant

Mary Paul, LLC

Mary Paul, consultant

mary paul


Richi Gil, consultant

richi gil

PSSI Food Safety Solutions

Katie Lange, Sr. Talent Dev Mgr

Katie Lange PSSI

Steve King

Steven King, consultant

steve king


Thierry de Beyssac, consultant

thierry de beyssac

Jigsaw Solutions, Inc.

Kathleen Nelson Troyer, consultant

kathleen nelson troyer

Joseph Truncale, Ph.D.

Joseph Truncale, consultant

joe truncale

Mike Blevins

Mike Blevins, consultant

mike blevins

Concordia University, Texas

Donald Christian and Shane Sokoll

drs christian and sokoll