Exclusive Sessions for Accredited Practitioners

We understand the challenges and opportunities that you’ll encounter as you navigate the complexities of leadership development and organizational culture consultation. That’s why we’re introducing specialized offerings tailored for Human Synergistics (HS) accredited practitioners seeking to deepen their expertise.

Our new sessions aim to expedite your journey toward professional excellence and fulfillment, whether as an internal change agent or an independent consultant. Here are our initial offerings.

Session offerings:

Office Hours

A monthly one-hour drop-in session to connect and share HS-related questions and answers

Fee: Complimentary 

Office Hours begins August 18 2024

At the heart of every successful practice lies the foundation of continuous learning. Office Hours, our complimentary offering, is designed to create a collaborative learning environment. These informal group sessions provide a platform for addressing your pressing questions and fostering further understanding. With no set agenda, all are welcome to share experiences, challenges, and questions making each get-together a valuable resource for your practice. 

The inaugural session kicks off on August 15th and recurs every third Thursday of each month. Come join us as we delve into ways to bolster your practice and facilitate your growth.

Report Review

A one-hour, one-on-one informal Q&A session scheduled by you to review any HS feedback report

Fee: Complimentary 

Report Review

Empower your journey with Report Review, a complimentary one-on-one session dedicated to unlocking actionable insights from your clients’ feedback reports.

Dive deep into statistical tables, charts, and profiles to harness the full potential of the data for transformative culture, leadership, and team development.

Together, let’s enhance your toolkit and deliver impactful solutions. 

Refresher Session

A one-on-one session scheduled by you to refresh your accreditation

Fee: Contact Us 

Refresher Session

Refine your approach with a tailored one-on-one Refresher Session, designed to enhance your proficiency and understanding for pivotal initiatives.

These personalized sessions ensure that you’re primed for success, whether preparing for a significant debrief or seeking to revitalize your approach. While complementing our comprehensive product accreditation workshops, this session offers an exclusive opportunity to further refine your expertise. Sessions are at least one-hour long and seldom more than 3 hours.

With competitive rates and expert guidance, invest in bolstering your capabilities and confidence in delivering exceptional results.

Your Success, Our Commitment 

These exclusive sessions have been designed with your success in mind. We are dedicated to supporting your growth and ensuring you excel in your practice.

If you’re interested in one or more of these sessions, complete this form and we’ll be in touch with details.