PSSI Food Safety Solutions

Five years ago, Human Synergistics was introduced to us as a potential vendor to administer 360 assessments for a new High-Potential Leadership Program.

The initial 20 assessments were completed with coaching, action planning and follow-up. Our executive team immediately realized the impact it had on the 20 team members and requested this opportunity for additional leaders. Team members who participated in an assessment say they’ve seen tremendous advancements in their communication, leadership style, problem-solving, coaching, and so much more.

From the onset, Human Synergistics was more than just a vendor, they were a true partner always ready to support us. We’ve now completed over 125 assessments using different tools and we have no plan of slowing down anytime soon.

PSSI would like to congratulate HS for 50 years of excellent customer service and thank them for their partnership!

Katie Lange, Senior Talent Development Manager,
Accredited in LSI ILF and L/I and M/I