Coaching & Consulting

Our network of consultants have extensive experience in improving the performance of leaders, teams, and organisations in sustainable ways.  These consultants can serve as your culture thought partner, and we work directly with you and your organisation to achieve meaningful change and development. We also offer you and your internal consultants (including members of your HR, OD, and change teams) the opportunity to become accredited in our materials and systems. With the combination of these two approaches, organisational change can be initiated with external guidance and sustained with internal expertise.

Human Synergistic Consultants and Coaching

Organisational Culture Development Consulting Options

The culture of an organisation sets the context for everything else and influences outcomes ranging from engagement and safety to adaptability and innovativeness. To properly redirect culture, consultants must be able to differentiate between it (i.e., espoused values and behavioural norms) and such outcomes, as well as the factors that may be shaping it. Our network of consultants are experts in: 

  • working with the Human Synergistics assessments to measure your organisation’s culture in terms of values and norms and interpreting the results;
  • discerning the impact of culture on outcomes at the individual, team and organisational levels and identifying the systems, structures, and other factors that are leading to and reinforcing Defensive norms;
  • assisting you in developing business models, organisational structures, human resource management systems, redesigned jobs, and leadership and communication skills that lead to a more Constructive culture;
  • managing the organisational development process in ways that maximise the acceptance of change and the effectiveness of implementation.

Leadership and Management Development Consulting Options

Leaders and managers both directly and indirectly influence the cultures of their organisations. Their direct influence stems from their own thinking and behaviour styles, as well as their strategies for leading and managing the people around them. These attributes have a role-modeling effect, send messages to others regarding what is expected, and measurably impact their behaviour and performance. Their indirect influence results from the decisions they make and (as noted above) the systems, structures, and technologies they put into place. Our network of consultants offer expertise in:

  • working with Human Synergistics assessments to help your leaders and managers understand their personal styles and strategies, their impact on people and the culture within which they work, and their effectiveness;
  • coaching and guiding your leaders and managers in setting personal and professional development goals and plans to reach those goals;
  • helping your leaders to understand the implications of the systems and structures they put into place and, more generally, the need to align decisions and solutions with organisational values and the ideal culture;

Group Development and Team Building Consulting Options

Teams work best when they practice and exhibit Constructive styles and when their members approach problems in a rational, interpersonally supportive manner. One of the most effective ways to start moving teams and their members in this direction is to provide them with qualitative and quantitative feedback on their styles and processes. Our network of consultants are experts in:

  • observing and facilitating team discussions, allowing the leader to participate as a member;
  • using our surveys and observation techniques with teams (while solving either real or simulated problems) to identify styles or processes that are interfering with effectiveness;
  • assisting teams in applying proven interaction and problem-solving processes to improve performance;
  • building a team culture and climate that encourage and support excellence.
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