Accreditation Workshops

Our mission is Changing The World  One Organisation at a Time®, but we can’t do it alone! We are big believers in building the capabilities of internal change agents and external consultants to use and leverage our evidence-based change process and world-renowned assessments and simulations.

Culture Workshop

The Culture Workshop is the first step to becoming accredited in the Organisational Culture Inventory and Organisational Effectiveness Inventory. Learn how to interpret, initiate, and monitor organisational change with the most widely used culture survey in the world, the OCI, and identify and map progress using the levers for change and organisational outcomes from our integrated climate survey, the OEI.

Impact Workshop

The Impact Workshop is the first step to becoming accredited in Leadership/Impact and Management/Impact. Learn how to debrief leaders and managers on building their Constructive impact on culture through detailed analysis of the strategies and approaches they employ, and how those strategies and approaches influence their effectiveness, using L/I and M/I.

Styles Workshop

The Styles Workshop is the first step to becoming accredited in the Life Styles Inventory and ACUMEN Leadership WorkStyles. Help individuals to achieve greater performance and professional satisfaction with the Life Styles Inventory and our newest individual-level feedback report, LSI with Item-Level Feedback (LSI ILF), as well as coach leaders and managers to achieve greater leadership performance and professional satisfaction with Leadership WorkStyles. You’ll also learn how to help teams achieve better cooperation, communication and consensus, more innovative thinking, and higher quality solutions using the Group Styles Inventory.

Teams Workshop

The Group Styles InventoryTM quantifies interaction styles to show teams how they can work together more effectively and achieve synergy when solving problems – that is, to ensure that their interactive efforts have a greater impact than the sum of their individual efforts.

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