Assessments for Individuals

Measure the personal orientations, thinking and behavioural styles related to on-the-job effectiveness, quality of interpersonal relationships, satisfaction and health with our assessments for individuals.


Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI)

The Life Styles Inventory helps individuals to develop Constructive thinking and behavioural styles that are proven to be related to job performance, quality of interpersonal relationships, and problem-solving effectiveness.

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LSI Conflict™

LSI Conflict is a self-assessment that analyses thinking and behavioural styles and empowers people to develop Constructive approaches to dealing with conflict.

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The AMA DISC Survey™

The AMA DISC Survey provides people with straightforward, yet valid and reliable, feedback on their personal styles, a framework for understanding the styles of others, and insights into how to adjust their styles to those of others.

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Stress Processing Report™ (SPR)

The Stress Processing Report enables people to react to and cope with stress more effectively, and reduce the stress they create for themselves at work and in their non-work lives.

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