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Google's Project Aristotle reinforces the importance of psychological safety. Our group and team solutions develop Constructive interaction styles that lead to psychological safety, team synergy, and innovation!

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Effective Assessments for Groups & Teams

Measure team performance, synergy, group and member styles, the team skills of members, and the quality of group processes.

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Industry-Leading Team-Building Simulations

Looking for a quick way to objectively evaluate the quality of your groups and demonstrate their potential? Look no further than our simulations, including the world’s most widely used problem-solving simulation, the Desert Survival Situation™.

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Expert Consultants and Facilitators

Achieving greater synergy requires the application of certain task and interpersonal skills, great team leadership and, at times, a facilitator to help the team build on their strengths and overcome obstacles to high performance. Our network of consultants are skilled facilitators who can help your groups become high-performing teams.

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Find out how you can develop high-performing groups and teams.

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