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“Culture is everything.” Lou Gerstner, Chairman and CEO, IBM

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Change Solutions for Individuals

Truly effective individuals strive for personal excellence while supporting and encouraging others to do the same. They're motivated, love their jobs, and willingly go the extra mile — with clear benefits to their overall health, well-being, and satisfaction with their jobs as well as their non-work lives.

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Change Solutions for Groups & Teams

When there's a problem or an issue to be solved, a team approach is often the best way to do it. Sadly, though, good teamwork doesn't just happen, and great teamwork—where the group zings with energy, ideas, and mutual respect—can be rarer still.

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Change Solutions for Leaders & Managers

Leaders and managers have a significant impact on the people around them, the culture of the workplace and, ultimately, the performance of their organisations, whether their role is to develop its strategies or make those strategies a reality. We depend on them to lead and manage in ways that create a culture that supports problem solving and the long-term effectiveness of their organisations — so it only makes sense to invest in their performance and provide them with the feedback, tools, and coaching required to shape that culture.

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Change Solutions for Organisations

Culture affects every aspect of an organisation, ranging from employee engagement, quality, agility, and innovativeness to brand and financial performance and long-term sustainability. Careful and continuous monitoring of the organisation’s day-to-day operating culture and keeping it aligned with values and the mission enable leaders and managers (and their teams) to achieve these outcomes.

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