Modern Rules for Building Stronger Teams

As a decorated military officer, Mark Gasparotto built high-performance teams deployed to hotspots around the globe to resolve the most complex and challenging problems.

Using a scientifically designed and field-tested program that develops individual leaders and forges strong and resilient teams, the Gasparotto Group delivers unique learning experiences for organizations.

Here are a few takeaways to expect from this webinar:

  • Leading others effectively begins with leading yourself. Learn how individuals discover their achievement potential by developing their leadership awareness and style.
  • Trust is the #1 determinant of team effectiveness. Hear how members of intact groups learned to operate with higher levels of trust—resulting in increased productivity.
  • Gain insights on how to integrate all elements of an Experiential Learning Cycle to ensure that leadership development takes hold.

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mark gasparotto Mark Gasparotto is the President of Gasparotto Group and leverages his strategic and tactical leadership approach to help private and public-sector organizations increase their members’ leadership and resilience, strengthen their teams, enhance their organizational culture, and expand their influence. An accomplished TEC Canada speaker, Mark combines rich personal experience with applicable theories and current trends to deliver practical, achievable outcomes, whatever the leadership challenge.

During his highly decorated two decades of military service, Mark served in key leadership roles in international hotspots such as Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Haiti. From commanding small tactical units, to overseeing large, multinational peacekeeping operations, his emphasis on results, teamwork, and effective communications elevated him to the upper ranks of the Canadian Armed Forces. Passionate about self-reflection and personal development, Mark’s brand of cerebral enthusiasm and entrepreneurial approach has proven contagious and effective inside and outside his military profession.

allan stewartAllan Stewart, B. Com, MBA, is the President of Human Synergistics Canada since 1996, and a leading expert on organizational culture and leadership. His unique background combines a successful general management career with extensive workshop training experience and a diverse academic career teaching in both colleges and universities. Based on more than 40 years of experience in the field, his book, Get Your Head in the Game, is touted as a must-read for leaders.

AlysunAlysun Johns, moderator of this webinar, is the Director of Culture and Leadership with Human Synergistics. She supports the development of integrated solutions for clients and consulting partners and leads consulting and coaching services for individuals and organizations. Her focus and experience over the years has centered on organizing, planning, developing, and facilitating client projects and workshops throughout the US and globally. Alysun often presents and guest lectures at various local universities and professional associations.

The Gasparotto Group is a boutique consultancy that helps organizations create cultures that develop highly effective leaders and strong, resilient teams. The company provides public and private sector organizations with holistic leadership solutions through leadership development, experiential learning, keynotes, and consulting.

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