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Root Inc Chairman, Jim Haudan, and CEO and Chief Client Fanatic, Rich Berens, reveal the five most common blind spots that thwart leaders and their organizations from attaining higher levels of member engagement and creating real and meaningful strategic and culture change. They outline how to create a thriving organization by focusing on purpose over profits and motivate employees at every level. Tim Kuppler facilitates this webinar based on Jim and Rich's recently released book, What Are Your Blind Spots? Conquering the 5 Misconceptions that Hold Leaders Back.

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Silke Zanker and Ricardo Gil from Axialent discuss myths surrounding culture and strategies for change based on 15 years of global culture transformation and their partnership with Human Synergistics. Silke and Ricardo share Axialent’s Conscious Business principles for attaining sustainable business results and cover key points of culture change journeys in this webinar facilitated by Tim Kuppler, Director of Culture & Organization Development for Human Synergistics.

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