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Leadership Team Effectiveness Program

Unite leadership team members on a journey to increase personal effectiveness, achieve team results, and shape Constructive cultures. This program includes 360° feedback and other tools to develop personal styles, leadership strategies, and performance.

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Four-Phase Leadership Development Journey

Our four-phase journey can be rolled out to multiple teams simultaneously or to one team and cascaded throughout the organization. Because leaders are role models to others in the broader organization and directly impact the culture, many organizations choose to start at the senior leadership level, empowering members at the top to learn new strategies, inspire others, model desired behaviors, and develop the next level of leaders.


Leadership Development Journey - Understand "Why"

Understand “Why”

Discover and align

Leadership Development Journey - Build a Baseline

Build a Baseline

Enlist and engage, measure and analyze

Leadership Development Journey - Create Change

Create Change

Debrief results, build capability and initiate planning

Leadership Development Journey - Learn & Sustain

Learn & Sustain

Finalize plans, implement, learn and adjust

What’s Included

Purpose and Vision

A requirements-gathering session is carried out with leadership team members to clarify the purpose of their team and individual development journeys.

Team members participate in an educational session to gain new insights into the factors that make a leadership team effective. They learn how their individual behaviors and leadership strategies contribute to greater team success and shape the organization’s culture or the sub-culture of their divisions.
Individual Assessment

Leadership team members begin their individual journeys by completing 360° feedback assessments to quantify targets for development in terms of styles, strategies, impact, and/or effectiveness.
Team Development Plan

By utilizing a composite report of their results, leadership team members see how they currently and collectively affect each other — and connect back to the impact they'd ideally like to have to maximize their team effectiveness. The team identifies the leadership strategies and interaction patterns needed to support the purpose and a more Constructive operating team style.
Individual Development Plan

Each leader receives a coaching session and individual development plan based on their own 360° feedback report as well as the team’s priorities.
Team Development Implementation & Coaching

The team receives pulse checks, practices accountability, and develops new behaviors to operate in a more Constructive and effective way.
Ongoing Individual Coaching

The team is challenged to identify, first on an individual basis and then collaboratively, the most appropriate approaches to coaching, goal-setting, and motivating others via an exercise to reinforce and highlight their assumptions, beliefs, and attitudes as leaders.
Ongoing Individual Coaching

Leaders receive one-on-one ongoing coaching to support their development journeys.
Journey Progress & Evaluation

Individual and team remeasures are carried out to track progress and to correlate with key performance measures to show the relationship between the quality of leadership and outcomes. Based on these data and results, the team determines the next areas of focus for development.


What is the time investment for the leadership team?

The program can span from 6 to 12 months to include monthly commitments from the team, including 3 to 6 group meetings (approximately two to four hours) and up to 6 individual developmental sessions per leader.

How soon will we see results?

Typically, teams realize some quick wins within three months as new, Constructive behaviors develop and become routine. More significant behavioral changes in individuals and teams can take 6 to 12 months. A full re-measure is recommended after 12 months to show the magnitude of change.

Is there an option to use the leadership assessment without external consulting support?

Yes, your internal practitioner(s) can complete one or more Human Synergistics Accreditation Workshops. Your accredited practitioner(s) may then conduct assessments; receive, interpret, and debrief feedback reports; and, more generally, support leaders in their development journeys. (Note, however, that most organizations find it beneficial to have external support when working with executive and C-suite teams.).

What happens after the leadership development program?

You may continue to work with your external consultant and/or accredit internal team members to build momentum and sustainable change. Utilize findings from your remeasure to determine the nature and magnitude of subsequent development initiatives. Potential next steps include cascading the leadership development program across and down to other teams in the organization as well as measuring and managing organizational climate and culture.

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