Culture Mirror™ Survey & Process

Designed to reflect current behaviors onto culture during the pandemic to improve adaptability, engagement, and performance.

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What is your organization’s new normal during the coronavirus pandemic? Are you feeling proud about the work of your leadership? Are you doing things you never dreamed possible or are you struggling with team members who are lost and confused? What story will you tell when the coronavirus pandemic is in the past and how will you make the most of the experience now?

How to Assess Patterns of Behavior and Improve Results

A targeted process to assess the current state of disruption, compare to pre-crisis approach, refine coronavirus pandemic plans, and embed Constructive change.

Culture Mirror 3-step Plan

The Importance of Reflecting, Measuring, and Refining Coronavirus Pandemic Plans

Now is the time for leaders and teams to reflect and understand why they are responding either effectively or ineffectively as an organization. By understanding a few essential culture principals and a change framework, recent improvements can be sustained over time.

Understanding and capturing whether the current interpersonal climate mirrors the organization’s culture is crucial in maintaining culture throughout a crisis. In many cases it does not. The interpersonal climate may, in fact, be much more constructive than the organization’s culture profile would suggest. This phenomenon is driven by how individuals are responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

Benefits of the Culture Mirror

  • Guided approach to learning, reflecting, and planning
  • Limited time investment (two weeks or less)
  • Improve clarity and alignment
  • Capture and proliferate Constructive change that has emerged organically
  • Improve group collaboration and organizational adaptation
  • Targeted survey with high return on investment
  • Refine coronavirus pandemic recovery plans
  • Create a strategy to embed or effect Constructive change

For an excellent overview of this process, be sure to read How to Spark Sustainable Change Through Disruption and Crises.

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