Change Solutions for Leaders & Managers

Leaders and managers have a significant impact on the people around them and on the culture of their organization. Their development therefore is critical to changing cultural norms, increasing employee performance, and improving organizational problem solving and effectiveness. Our change solutions build leaders' and managers' understanding of the implications of their behavior — and guide them in taking action to improve their impact.

High-Performance Leadership

Our research confirms that Constructive leaders outperform those who are less Constructive.


Bringing out the best in others


Impact on productivity


Empowerment of others


Task effectiveness


Check Out Our Validated Assessments for Leaders and Managers

Measure skills and styles as well as leadership strategies, management approaches, and impact and effectiveness with our 360 degree assessment tools.

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Explore Our Simulation for Leaders and Managers

Help leaders learn about cooperative and Achievement-oriented thinking to improve performance with Coach — Co-Achieving, our unique team exercise that reveals (and provides a foundation for changing) participants’ assumptions and beliefs about coaching and motivating others to achieve.

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leadership team effectiveness

Empowering Leadership Teams

The Leadership Team Effectiveness Program will help increase personal effectiveness, achieve team results, and shape the Constructive cultures of your organization’s leaders.

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Our Impact and Styles Workshops prepare internal and external consultants to learn how to help leaders and managers build their Constructive impact and/or increase their Constructive thinking and behavioral styles, respectively, to achieve far greater levels of effectiveness.

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Get Experienced Consulting and Coaching

Our consultants can help you design and implement targeted solutions for leadership and management development and link it to culture and team initiatives, if desired.

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Change Begins Here

Find out how you can develop effective leaders and managers and improve their impact on performance.

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