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How do leaders and team members treat each other in your workplace today? Do they interact respectfully and civilly . . . or aggressively and selfishly . . . or somewhere in between?

When I ask leaders this question, they typically respond with “Well, I think they treat each other OK.” They are not confident in their perceptions because they don’t pay enough attention to the quality of workplace interactions.

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Have you ever felt like a donkey chasing a carrot that is always tantalizingly just beyond reach? Maybe it’s not a carrot you’re chasing, but if you’ve ever found yourself thinking, “I’ll be happy when…” then you’ll understand.

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Connecting Culture to What Drives Success

By Jamie Notter

Culture is not about being cool or even being a “best place to work.” It’s about being more successful. Period. So while a lot of organizations may spend time trying to find the right balance of happy hours or break-room perks to try to bolster their culture and employee engagement scores, the companies that have the truly strong cultures—that run circles around their competition—actually take a different approach. They directly connect their culture to what drives their success. 

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Trust: Going Beyond Compliance and Ethics

By Barbara Kimmel

What happens when a group of open-minded trust, ethics and compliance experts meet for lunch to discuss the intersection of the three disciplines and their respective roles in organizations?

One of the tasks at hand was to create a visual representation of the functional interaction between compliance, ethics and trust in an organization.

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Culture Counts in Investor Decisions

By Carolyn Taylor

If you are reading this post we can assume you think culture is important.  But investment in culture lags behind some of the other key contributors to performance: Brand, people, technology, process.  So perhaps culture’s impact on performance is not universally believed.  Executives have to focus first and foremost on those elements which will deliver the best return to their shareholders.  There is a community of investment professionals who spend their lives considering company valuations and whose opinion holds considerable sway on  share price.

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