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Positively shifting an organization’s culture should not be done with a quick fix. There is no replacement for understanding and educating the people in the human system to lead, navigate, and operate well in the face of change. Leaders must become champions of change to guarantee the organization’s alignment.

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How a Big Why Creates a Bigger We

By Eryc Eyl

Regardless of what’s driving this strong and impermeable sense of We, if we want a more constructive workplace culture, we next need to align these separate departments as a We. With a broader sense of We, we create a more constructive culture in which we can all contribute more, make a greater impact — and maybe even make the world a better place.

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For many months, the board and CEO of your organization have been focused on a more generative and healthier balance of efficiency, velocity, flexibility, long-termism, sustainabla-bla-bla results, strengthening core yada-yada values, human capitabla-bla, clarity of purpose, and profit bla-bla-bla. (Even if you believe in these “buzz words,” we all recognize that they can be a trigger/distraction.)

The organization is doing a lot in the name of change with regard to strategy, vision, and business process. And your company has already invested millions in new product development/innovation, agile processes/structures, office design, change management protocol, new internal communication campaigns, and many town halls. You even built beautiful digital centers of excellence.

But still, transformation isn’t happening fast enough.

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