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The frame to understand culture is not engagement, diversity scorecards, workplace satisfaction, or other surface measures. These climate measures are visible manifestations of the culture. They may be useful but they do not provide the clarity necessary to understand "real" culture attributes like shared beliefs, assumptions, and behavioral norms along with how they play out across different subcultures (race, gender, ability, age, sexual orientation, etc.).

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Culture After COVID-19: What is the future of corporate culture and the employer-employee social contract?

By Daniel Forrester, Dr. Philipia Hillman and Eliza McDevitt

An ability to pivot held some companies together, while thousands of others have shuttered. As the virus lingers, its economic wake will have an impact on corporate culture for years to come. How will things change—and by how much? What must leaders do now and in the months and years to come to best adapt?

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Now that organizations have moved to a remote environment, developing a successful virtual team is critical to maintain productivity. Communication, collaboration, and negotiation are all skills that help successful teams make key decisions that lead to organizational effectiveness.

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Is Your Culture Bleeding or Breeding Talent?

By Janet Szumal, PhD

Taking the lead to create a more Constructive culture through your behavior, decisions, and interactions will not only help to breed talent, it will also help your organization to be more effective overall.

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