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Positively impacting society on a global scale through culture awareness, education and action.

Through the power of constructive conflict, an organizational culture of engaged, passionate, purposeful, loyal and connected employees can be sustained in ways that are measurable in profits and immeasurable in quality of contribution to the greater whole.

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Positively shifting an organization’s culture should not be done with a quick fix. There is no replacement for understanding and educating the people in the human system to lead, navigate, and operate well in the face of change. Leaders must become champions of change to guarantee the organization’s alignment.

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How a Big Why Creates a Bigger We

By Eryc Eyl

Regardless of what’s driving this strong and impermeable sense of We, if we want a more constructive workplace culture, we next need to align these separate departments as a We. With a broader sense of We, we create a more constructive culture in which we can all contribute more, make a greater impact — and maybe even make the world a better place.

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