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Case Studies

Paula Caproni, Ph.D., Director of Executive Skills at the University of Michigan’s Ross Business School, helps guide MBA candidates through the transition from individual contributor to team leader with a high-intensity class entitled “Creating and Developing High-Performance Teams.” Offered only two or three times per year to groups of about 40 students, the class gives Dr. Caproni an exceptionally keen insight into the learning process experienced by the candidates.

Do we have what it takes to drive positive organizational change? OD practitioners frequently ask this question of themselves, and of the organizations they assist. The senior leaders at Advocate Health Partners (AHP), part of Advocate Health Care, came face to face with the challenge of driving a cultural transformation.

The impact of culture on customer service is demonstrated by this case study, which focuses on the Production Engineering department of one of the world’s largest technological organizations.

The subject of this case study is a highly respected United States-based multi-national company in the non-food segment of the FMCG industry. This company had been operating in Korea for 30 years, starting as a small representative sales office but transitioning into a medium-sized stand-alone subsidiary via organic growth and acquisition.

Culture change initiatives can lead to real financial returns. This presentation summarizes the results of a series of studies that demonstrate the strong relationship between constructive organizational cultures and financial performance.

Yarra Valley Water is a shining example of how companies can become more efficient, provide better customer service and enable staff to enjoy their work and achieve a better work-life balance.

Over just a four-year period, the results were impressive. The culture moved from primarily Passive/Defensive (emphasizing Avoidance) to Aggressive/Defensive (high in Competitive norms) and strongly toward the Constructive styles.

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