Strategic Culture Journey

Identifying your strategic reasons for culture change can improve your chance for success in what some leaders have called a life-changing journey.

We’re delighted to welcome members of ERDMAN’s leadership team – Rustin Becker, Brian Happ, and Andrea Hopkins – who share how they achieved impressive corporate results through people growth and development. You’ll find their insights invaluable if you’re considering a culture change initiative this year, have experienced such a journey in the past, or are more generally interested in the factors leading to successful culture change. These seasoned yet humble leaders discuss outcomes anticipated and achieved through their first-hand leadership of an ongoing culture journey.

As a national leader in healthcare and senior living strategy, design, and implementation, ERDMAN takes a holistic approach to foster a constructive work culture. Key learnings from this webinar will revolve around:

  • ERDMAN’s strategic culture implementation.
  • Resilience and lessons learned.
  • Business impact and ERDMAN’s journey results.

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A successful culture initiative needs to energize and spark your people to impact the organization, communities, clients, and each other in positive ways. You’ll appreciate this inside view of how ERDMAN leverages culture to improve lives and build healthier communities throughout the country.


rustin becker
Rustin Becker has been exclusively focused on delivering effective outcomes in healthcare and senior living for more than 25 years. As President & CEO, he is results driven and leads ERDMAN’s multidisciplinary team of experts. Through his commitment to excellence, Rustin is instrumental in developing solutions that deliver extraordinary experiences and provide sustainable financial, operational, and strategic results.

brian happBrian Happ is ERDMAN’s Chairman and a company owner. Extending the firm’s culture of leadership, integrity, and standing behind our work, Brian has committed ERDMAN to help healthcare and senior living leaders realize their strategic and operational goals. This has been achieved by aligning business strategies and specific objectives with the right real estate solutions, including a particular focus on the patient and resident experience.

andrea hopkinsAndrea Hopkins oversees ERDMAN’s strategic culture and human capital programming. As a member of the senior leadership team, she also shapes ERDMAN’s people strategy. This is achieved by instilling a constructive culture and continually challenging team members to lead and bring their best selves to any situation. Serving also as ERDMAN’s culture champion, Andrea is keenly focused on backing major change initiatives, developing measurable training programs, providing extensive coaching, and leading process improvements.

AlysunAlysun Hudepohl, formerly with Human Synergistics, moderates this webinar and is now a Culture Navigation Strategist with Compass.

ERDMAN is a national leader in healthcare and senior living strategy, design, and implementation. They create positive, impactful solutions to build healthier communities throughout the country. Decades of specialized experience and diverse capabilities set a strong foundation to earn their clients’ trust in maintaining long-term partnerships.

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