Shifting Leadership Impact: A Key Lever in Culture Change

Learn about this timely, relevant, and powerful strategy for transforming organizations through leadership development.

Experienced consultants are increasingly called upon to assist leaders in shifting their organization’s current culture. Across retail, manufacturing, education, technology, not-for-profit, and government sectors, improving culture continues to be a top priority for organizational leaders and directors.

This was the case at a large New England electric utility organization that engaged the consulting team at Ephektiv. Cultures of organizations in the energy sector can be strong and deeply engrained, and leaders saw the shift from a traditional, passive culture to a more Constructive one as being a challenge yet imperative.

Featuring seasoned leadership and culture consultant Madeline Marquardt, here are a few takeaways you’ll appreciate from this webinar:

  • how to leverage leadership impact and effectiveness to constructively redirect culture and improve organizational performance
  • how to help lagging divisions and departments engage in and contribute to culture change
  • how to accurately measure and track progress and success over time using the validated Leadership/Impact® (L/I) and Management/Impact® (M/I)

For internal or external consultant tasked with developing leaders and shifting culture, here’s a chance to examine the business challenges, proposed solutions, and outcomes of this fascinating and informative case study.

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Madeline Marquardt
Madeline Marquardt, President of Ephektiv, Inc., is a business consultant, trainer, and entrepreneur. For over thirty years, Madeline has focused on assisting national and international clients to manage systemic change, clarify strategic direction, complete structural redesign, transform culture, develop executives and leaders, improve inclusive diversity, and strengthen employee engagement. She has worked collaboratively with nuclear power industry leaders to define an optimal culture for nuclear power plants and has served on various nuclear safety culture oversight boards. She has helped leaders in the U.S., Canada, and Europe develop and implement long-term initiatives to transform performance through culture change, leadership development, and employee engagement.

AlysunAlysun Johns, formerly with Human Synergistics, moderates this webinar and is now a Culture Navigation Strategist with Compass.

Ephektiv helps companies succeed by linking often disparate disciplines—communication and organizational development—that we believe are needed to achieve and sustain business goals through a culture of engaged employees. We guide leaders and organizations to develop, execute, measure, and achieve their visions of success – for themselves, and their organizations.

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