“Culture Then & Now” with Dr. Robert A. Cooke

A celebratory webinar marking 50 years of helping organizations, teams, and leaders to develop constructive norms and behaviors!

Interest in organization culture has increased exponentially in recent years. In fact, every business problem or solution today seems to be “culture” related. But is that really the case? And what about organizational culture has actually changed over the years?

Human Synergistics’ CEO, culture author and pioneer, Dr. Robert A. Cooke, shares insights about the shifts in research on and perceptions about culture over the years.

Learn about the history of organizational culture and its evolution as a major force for improving organizational adaptability and sustainability as well as member satisfaction and well-being.

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Note: Several interesting questions were received during and after the webinar, which Rob Cooke addressed in a two-part blog series. Through quick answers, additional explanations, and recommended resources, you’ll enjoy this thorough and insightful learning: Part 1 and Part 2.

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