Culture & Leadership: Driving Supply Chain Transformation

Supply Chain organizations support customers across a range of sectors to ensure their businesses survive and thrive. Whether healthcare, construction, manufacturing, or retail, transporting materials and services by the truckload is their daily routine.

In 2019, expert coach-consultant Maria Ferrante (working with Performance to Potential, which specializes in culture and leadership transformation) partnered with a 40,000-employee Supply Chain organization to help members transform their culture. The starting point was a comprehensive culture assessment, combining in-depth interviews with the administration of the Organizational Culture Inventory®, followed by individual and collective leadership development journeys.

Through this on-demand webinar recording and accompanying slide deck, you will learn about:

  • The value of senior leaders’ involvement in and leadership of culture transformation processes
  • The importance of leaders “holding up a mirror” to effect change
  • How elevating the quality of conversations can promote greater collaboration and engagement
  • The significance of utilizing reliable and validated diagnostics
  • When and how to cascade culture transformation activities down through the organization
  • And more…

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maria ferrante
Maria Ferrante is a leadership coach and culture consultant with Performance To Potential and has been a part of Axialent’s faculty of consultants since 2011 focusing on culture assessment and leadership development for clients in Latin America, Brazil, Europe and the United States. With extensive experience in assessment tools, she is accredited in Human Synergistics’ Life Styles Inventory™, ACUMEN® Leadership WorkStyles™, Leadershi/Impact®, Organizational Culture Inventory®, as well as the Hogan and DiSC tools. Maria has an educational background in philosophy, holds a degree magna cum laude in English studies and teaching, and she resides Buenos Aires, Argentina.

mary mccullockMary McCullock, moderator of this webinar, is the Director of Leadership & Culture Solutions with Human Synergistics and assists clients with practical solutions in achieving their leadership and organizational development objectives. In addition to being accredited in the Human Synergistics’ suite of diagnostics, she has deep experience with the ACUMEN® Leadership WorkStyles™ (LWS) assessment and in helping organizations integrate LWS into their leadership development programs to support greater levels of awareness and effectiveness.

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