Human Synergistics and The Liautaud Institute announce partnership

This press release was distributed via PRWeb on July 7, 2016. Click here to view the release on PRWeb.

Human Synergistics and The Liautaud Institute have joined together to enhance the effectiveness of organizations by providing leaders with resources to develop constructive cultures. The partnership combines Human Synergistics' 45 years of culture research, leveraging the Organizational Culture Inventory®, with Liautaud's 10 years of neuroscience, human behavior, and team optimization research to create programs that drive membership, empowerment, and meaning though sustainable culture and leadership solutions.

"Strategic alliances in our field work best when the partners share an unwavering dedication to helping organizations help themselves, possess complementary skills for making that happen, and place a premium on cooperation and teamwork," says Human Synergistics CEO Robert Cooke. "We have great expectations for the partnership between Human Synergistics and The Liautaud Institute given that it benefits from all three of these attributes."

Global, evidence-based research is at the core of both organizations and their processes. Human Synergistics specializes in developing and providing tools, information, and change strategies that enable individuals to reach their potential, groups to realize synergy, and organizations to achieve sustainability. The Liautaud Institute engineers neuroscience-based programs that break down barriers and shift cultures to a more collaborative environment that fosters satisfaction and performance.

Joe Balistreri, President and CEO of The Liautaud Institute, comments: "The Liautaud Institute is very excited about this new partnership. This partnership allows us to accelerate our work towards a shared mission of creating happier, more successful, and constructive organizations."

The partnership between Human Synergistics and Liautaud will drive global innovation by focusing on culture change. Their collaboration will help organizations shift to a more constructive culture to increase engagement, performance, adaptability, and innovation.

About Human Synergistics International

Human Synergistics' mission is Changing the World—One Organization at a Time®. As creators of the world's most thoroughly researched and widely used culture survey, the Organizational Culture Inventory®, HSI is the global resource for measuring and shaping organizational cultures. Directed by Dr. Robert A. Cooke, and building on his work with Dr. J. Clayton Lafferty and colleagues, HSI focuses on developing the highest quality assessments and simulations for enhancing team, leader, and organizational performance. Since 1971, HSI has supported the development of thousands of organizations and millions of individuals. With 19 offices on four continents, HSI is having a positive, global impact.

About The Liautaud Institute

Founded by Jim Liautaud, the Liautaud Institute is a use-inspired research institute dedicated to researching and engineering proven solutions leveraging our biogenetic needs; creating a happier, more effective workforce. The Liautaud Institute has engineered processes and proven learnable habits that are steeped in the most effective research and use a methodical approach inspired from the best manufacturing practices to create consistent, repeatable, and viral change. Learn more at

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