Levers Proven to Drive Constructive Cultures and Effective Talent Management

How do you create a Constructive Culture—one that is proven to drive engagement, quality, profitability, and sustainability? Award-winning professor and executive Dr. Robert A. Cooke was one of the first to quantify the concept of organizational culture after his breakthrough revelation that the cultural norms that emerge in organizations often reward and encourage counterproductive behaviors and detract from effectiveness. Since then, and for the past 30 years, Cooke has dedicated a large part of his research agenda to gathering data on thousands of organizations via his respected Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI®). These data focus on the strength of Constructive versus Defensive cultural norms and expectations, the levers that drive these different norms and their impact on performance. This presentation covers Cooke’s widely cited model of “How Culture Works” as well as what you can do to create a Constructive culture and an effective talent management system. Get everyone moving in the right direction with actionable information.

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