Janet L. Szumal, Ph.D.

Senior Research Associate for Human Synergistics, Inc

Dr. Janet Szumal is the author of the book, Creating Constructive Cultures, in which she uses extensive research and a variety of case studies to illustrate how organizational leaders around the world create more productive workplace cultures. She is also the co-author of Management/Impact® (M/I), which assesses the influence of leaders and managers on people and culture. 

Dr. Szumal received her PhD in Human Resource Management from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her recommendations and research on organizational culture, leadership, and group problem-solving have appeared in The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Psychological Reports, Training MagazineTalent ManagementThe Handbook of Organizational Culture and Climate, and Mel Silberman and Patricia Philips’ Team and Organization Development Sourcebooks.

In addition to developing assessments, Dr. Szumal has written a variety of business simulations, feedback reports, and guides that are used internationally by consultants, facilitators, leaders and managers, and university professors. Included are the Organizational Change Challenge™, Project Management Challenge™, Performance Management Challenge™, Cultural Change Situation™, the Organizational Culture Inventory® and Organizational Effectiveness Inventory® Feedback Reports, the Leadership/Impact® Facilitator’s Guide, the leader’s guides for the AMA DISC Survey™ and the Challenge Series, the OCI® Interpretation and Development Guide and the MEPS Self-Development Guide. She has also designed and led numerous workshops for facilitators, consultants, and internal change agents as well as has spoken at conferences in different countries about the influence of leaders and managers on the culture of their organizations.

Currently, Dr. Szumal continues to work on spreading the word about creating more Constructive cultures through her research, writing, and speaking.