Unfear Your Organization: Unlock Performance AND Wellbeing

According to our colleagues at Co-Creation Partners, fear is the single biggest source of waste in organizations!

We welcome Gaurav Bhatnagar and Mark Minukas, Co-Creation Partners’ founder and managing partner, respectively, to our webinar series. They share their experience with fear in organizations and how they’ve helped leaders, individuals, and teams to create a culture of unfear and make a meaningful impact on their work and lives.

In this webinar, Gaurav and Mark examine:

  • How to unlock extraordinary performance for you, your team, and your organization
  • How fear drives waste, dysfunction, and a short-term focus in organizations
  • How to assess Fear and Unfear traits in your organization
  • How to create success AND well-being by reframing your relationship to fear
  • What the Unfear organization looks and feels like

To hear about this unique approach for creating a constructive, unfear organization…

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gaurav bhatnagarGaurav Bhatnagar is the founder of Co-Creation Partners and has dedicated more than two decades to helping companies thrive and achieve breakthrough performance. Since founding Co-Creation Partners in 2010, he has designed and led programs and workshops for private, public, and social-sector clients across multiple industries, including financial services, basic materials, manufacturing, healthcare, and technology. Prior to founding Co-Creation Partners, Gaurav was a consultant with McKinsey and Company, most recently as a leader in their Organization Practice in North America. Before McKinsey, he worked in marketing for Pepsi Cola International and Procter & Gamble in Europe, the Middle East, and India.

mark minukasMark Minukas is the managing partner of Co-Creation Partners. An engineer by training, he began his career as a Navy officer and member of the US Naval Construction Battalion (Seabees) and the Navy Dive Community. In 2005, Mark brought his experience and insights into the performance of engineered systems to McKinsey and Company, where he worked as a consultant and member of the Operations Practice. There, he mastered the technical aspect of organizational transformation and process improvement, as well as the cultural side of transformation. Since leaving McKinsey to join Co-Creation Partners, Mark has worked across multiple industries, including financial services, high tech, biotech manufacturing, IT services, and governmental offices, to deliver both top-and bottom-line improvements and build high-performing operations.

mary mccullockMary McCullock, moderator of this webinar, is the Director of Leadership & Culture Solutions at Human Synergistics and assists clients with practical solutions in achieving their leadership and organizational development objectives. In addition to being accredited in the Human Synergistics’ suite of diagnostics, she has deep experience with the ACUMEN® Leadership WorkStyles™ (LWS) assessment and in helping organizations integrate LWS into their leadership development programs to support greater levels of awareness and effectiveness.

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