Creating a Thriving Culture in 2022

Every organization wants to thrive, but few know how.

In this webinar, you’ll learn Dr. Kathy Hagler’s recipe for organizational success, including:

  • The five steps each organization must go through to become an Organization of Character.
  • How one not-for-profit organization applied a “How to Thrive” process to help them excel in 2020-21 despite enormous challenges.
  • How the Organizational Culture Inventory® from Human Synergistics can help clarify and facilitate the strategic direction for your organization.

Kathy Hagler, Ph.D., has dedicated her career to helping and healing organizations. She’s created an approach to organizational culture with heart and authenticity that leaders can understand and apply—which she shares in this webinar and slide deck.

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kathy hagler
Kathy Hagler, PhD, is founder of K2OHSOLUTIONS and author of Art of Scars (Sept, 2021). Known as an organizational healer in the industry, Hagler partners with organizations through good times, crises, challenges, and obstacles, and moves their culture, climate, and character forward with clear vision, strategic intent, and success in an everchanging world. Mentored by both Dr. Peter Drucker and Dr. W. Edwards Deming, long considered the fathers of management, Hagler is, herself, a pioneer in the field of organizational development. Learn more about Hagler or Art of Scars at

Cathleen CookeCathleen Cooke, moderator of this webinar, is the Chief Client Officer for Human Synergistics where she’s responsible for integrating client-facing functions and cultivating an exceptional client experience. She served previously as Director of Marketing leading marketing efforts for the U.S. market and ensuring global brand alignment across the international offices. Cathleen is accredited in the full suite of Human Synergistics products and collaborates with clients on leadership development and culture initiatives.

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