Bridging the Great Return – A Team Experience

Deciding if, when, and how to bring your people back to the workplace is a complex and sensitive matter. For leaders looking for a prudent way to reunite their staff, here’s an example of how one organization gathered members in person to reconnect and strengthen relationships—and recapture the advantages of team-based collaboration, problem solving and decision making.

In Bridging the Great Return – A Team Experience, we welcome consultant Dave Wheelock of Into the Blue Consulting and Lauren Smith of Veteran Benefits Guide for an engaging discussion on the rewarding approach that brought a Las Vegas-based organization together for the first time in many months. Key discussions include:

  • Concerns and questions that organizations and workers face as return-to-work models are considered.
  • What true collaboration and consensus can look like through consultative advice and helpful tips.
  • Best practices and solutions when working with teams to build trust and greater cohesiveness.

If you’re an internal or external consultant providing organizations with tools to bridge a new phase of workplace evolution, you may find this content both timely and useful.

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dave wheelock
Dave Wheelock is a seasoned consultant specializing in helping organizations build and nurture effective teams and work groups. He owns the consultancy Into the Blue Consulting that conducts teambuilding workshops, people skills seminars, and event facilitation for a wide variety of civic groups, corporations, schools, and industries. Experienced in the fields of Education, Construction, Financial Services, Energy, Health Care and Agriculture, Dave has been working with Human Synergistics materials and tools for more than 20 years.

lauren smith vbgLauren Smith is Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of Veteran Benefits Guide, a JoshCo company. With an education in business and interest in engineering and project management, she began her career in the construction industry. In 2015, Lauren and husband, Josh, a service-disabled Marine Corp Veteran started VBG with a common purpose and passion for helping Veterans. In 7 years, they grew Veteran Benefits Guide from a “side-hustle” in their San Diego, California garage to a multi-million-dollar enterprise, then relocated to a 20,000 square foot office headquarters in Las Vegas, NV, now employ more than 140 staff members, and are proud to have successfully guided over 20,000 Veterans nationwide with their disability claims resulting in $2.5 billion in increased benefits to Veterans.

AlysunAlysun Hudepohl, formerly with Human Synergistics, moderates this webinar and is now a Culture Navigation Strategist with Compass.

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