Martin Marquardt, Owner and President of Tosan Inc and Ephektiv, shares a detailed strategy and execution plan regarding how he uses the entire Human Synergistics Integrated Diagnostic System—including the Organizational Culture Inventory®Leadership/Impact®Management/Impact®Life Styles Inventory™, Survival Simulation Series, and Group Styles Inventory™—to improve performance and shift culture.

Longtime Human Synergistics client SaskCentral set out to achieve meaningful and sustainable culture change. SaskCentral and their consultant, Ken Curtis from MNP, used the Organizational Culture Inventory® and other assessments from Human Synergistics’ integrated system to build Constructive leadership and cultural norms. In this Webinar, you will learn how creating a Constructive culture enabled SaskCentral to become the Great Place to Work® Institute’s #1 Workplace in Canada, and how you can do the same for your organization or the organizations you support.

Join Dr. Linda Sharkey’s keynote to hear about the Transglobal Leadership research results, learn about the behaviors that make a leader truly global, and gain insights critical to finding and developing top global talent.

The Monday after Thanksgiving in 2005, November 28, was a cold, windy, and gloomy morning. The atmosphere inside of Tasty Catering’s building was neither cold nor windy, but it was very gloomy. We had moved into a building five times the size of our previous building on the first of that month. For the previous 27 days, my two brothers and I had been involved in constant bickering, which was a result of three alpha males trying to assert their dominance and mark their territory. The tension was evident.  The toll on staff was obvious. As the senior leader, I did not have the wisdom to change. I was a victim of my emotions.

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