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Make an Impact, Influence Others and Transform Results

Dr. Peter Fuda delivered a captivating presentation titled, Make an Impact, Influence Others and Transform Results at the Ultimate Culture Conference. Dr. Fuda is a global authority on leadership and business transformation, a longtime Human Synergistics Leadership/Impact® 360 devotee, and an indispensable resource for CEOs interested in gaining a competitive advantage.

Relationship Between a Leader’s Impact and Performance

Human Synergistics CEO Robert A. Cooke, Ph.D. presents at the 11th Australian Conference on Culture and Leadership.

Blog Posts

It Starts with “Us” – The Importance of Leadership Team Alignment by Alysun Johns

Leadership is indeed a position and level within an organization, but how we lead is our choice. More importantly, how we work with our fellow leaders can help us inspire the best in our teams, be true role models for members of the broader organization, and shape our culture in a more positive and Constructive way.

CEO Transitions: From Shared Accountability to Culture Change Success by Daniel Forrester and James Williams

Studies suggest two out of five new CEOs fail to meet their objectives in their first 18 months. Even CEOs who thrive in their first 18 months face an average tenure of 7.6 years, down from the global 9.5-year average in 1995. The outlook is grimmer for outside CEO hires, who take twice as long to ramp up as those promoted from within. C-suite executives report that only one in five CEOs hired from outside are considered high performers at the end of their first year, while nearly half leave within the first 18 months. Such systemic failure has nothing to do with competence, knowledge, or experience, but instead ties to how the CEO transition was orchestrated and whether major steps were missed.

Case Studies

The Missing C in C-Suite = Culture: The Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club

Marti Wronski, General Counsel and SVP with the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club, shares: “Successful transformation happens when the majority of people in the company have aligned beliefs and when proper leadership mindsets fuel consistent action.”

Culture Shift + Leadership Development = Sustainable Results for Advocate Health Care

As the largest health system in Illinois, Advocate’s challenge was to increase and stabilize engagement, focus on culture change, and strengthen relations within a high-profile, semi-autonomous unit that struggled with negative team dynamics, unproductive work relations, and entrenched passive-aggressive behavior.


High Potential…to Do What?

Most high potentials are selected on the basis of their technical talent and the extent to which their behaviors exemplify and promote their organizations’ operating cultures—the norms and expectations that represent how things are actually done—which often are quite different than their organizations’ highly touted visions and values. As a result, organizations have become very good at promoting a high potential for more of the same. This article highlights what talent managers need to look for and develop in their high potentials (and the commonly made mistakes that they should avoid) to move their organizations toward realizing their visions and goals.

Tools & Models

Leadership/Impact (L/I) Product Overview

Learn more about L/I and how the unique insights it provides can be used to promote the development of leadership strategies that lead to a more Constructive culture and contribute to the long-term effectiveness of the organization and its members.

Interactive Circumplex

A ground-breaking innovation when it was developed more than 40 years ago, and regularly reviewed and refined since then, the Circumplex has been applied and endorsed by millions of clients around the world — a true testament to its validity, relevance, and value.

Integrated Diagnostic System

When it comes to developing talent, there are many assessments that measure, for example, competencies and effectiveness at the individual level, or empowerment and overall engagement at the organization level. However, a critical and often unmeasured piece that lies in between is “the how,” or the behaviors — the way people approach their work and interact with others. We measure all of the pieces, and therefore provide you with the complete picture.

Become a Human Synergistics Accredited Practitioner

Our interactive, hands-on workshops prepare you to expertly apply our assessments, surveys, and simulations to meet a variety of organizational change and development goals, including developing effective employees and teams, enhancing the impact of leaders, and building Constructive cultures.