Leadership Team Effectiveness

for remote, virtual, and in-person teams

Unite a leadership team on a journey to increase effectiveness and achieve individual and team results. Confront personal barriers and team obstacles to achieve new levels of individual, team, and organization performance.

Key Benefits

Enhance individual and team capabilities for sustainable organizational results

Learn the team’s style and each leader’s individual impact on each other as a foundation for individual and team development plans.

Provide coaching for team members

Equip individual team members with the awareness and skills to improve the team dynamic as well as their individual capabilities as a leader for increased effectiveness.

Improve and promote leadership team and organizational culture

Create a constructive environment within the team as they develop their team styles and impact the broader organization.

Four-Phase Leadership Development Journey

Understand “Why”

Discover and align

Build a Baseline

Enlist and engage, measure and analyze

Create Change

Debrief results, build capability and initiate planning

Learn & Sustain

Finalize plans, implement, learn and adjust

What’s Included

+ Purpose & Vision

A requirement-gathering session will be carried out with the leadership team to clarify the purpose and vision for their team and individual development journey.

+ Observation

A leadership expert will engage and observe the team dynamic and individual interactions as a foundation for understanding the team’s current quality of interaction and communication and identify key focus areas that would elevate their effectiveness.

+ Individual Assessment

Each member will begin their individual journey and complete a Leadership/Impact® (L/I) assessment. The L/I assessment provides unique insights into their personal leadership strategies—and the impact of those strategies on others’ behavior and performance—to identify gaps between where the leader is perceived and where the leader wants to be.

+ Education

Team members will gain new insights into the factors that make a leadership team effective. They will learn how their individual behaviors and leadership strategies contribute to greater team success and shape the organization’s culture or the sub-culture of their divisions.

+ Team Development Plan

By utilizing a composite report of their results, the team will be able to see the impact they are having on each other (their peers) and connect back to the ideal impact they would like to achieve to improve their team effectiveness. The team will identify the structures and systems needed to support the purpose and a more constructive operating team style.

+ Individual Development Plan

The leadership expert will complete individual debriefs of the impact assessment results. Each team member will create a development plan based on their results and the priorities from the team development plan and look also at the impact they are having on their direct reports and manager.

+ Team Development Implementation & Coaching

Continued support and facilitation will be provided by the leadership expert to practice accountability and develop new behaviors based on the team development action plan. A team assessment will be administered periodically to confirm the team is operating in a more constructive and effective operating style.

+ Ongoing Individual Coaching

Coaching from a leadership expert will be provided in a one-on-one setting to provide a standard check-in for each leader to provide support, track progress, and make any modifications on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis to support each individual on their development journey.

+ Journey Progress & Evaluation

A facilitated team discussion about progress to operate in a more constructive style will be held. A complete re-measure of the individual L/I assessments and group composite will be done to confirm progress of individual and team outcomes leading to overall effectiveness. Based on these results, the leadership team and coach will determine the next areas to focus on to continue on their journey of becoming a more effective team.


+ What is the time investment for the leadership team?

The program can span from 6 to 12 months (one-year program or two modules—six months each) along with monthly commitments from the team, including group meetings (approximately two to four hours) and individual sessions. The specific time commitments by individuals vary based on their coaching schedule and development plans.

+ How frequently is individual coaching provided?

This can vary for each leadership team and can be customized for each program. Typically, the coach would provide individual coaching to each leader on a monthly or quarterly basis. Also, individual coaching schedules may vary for individual leaders within the team, and this would be determined by the coach and individual leader.

+ Can the program be expanded with additional custom elements?

Yes! Common customization options include facilitated group sessions utilizing different learning techniques as well as other tools and assessments to develop specific skills.

+ How soon will we see results?

Typically, some quick wins should be observed with the team dynamic within three months as new team habits and routines are implemented in meetings and other interactions. Major behavioral changes in individuals and teams will likely take 6 to 12 months. An assessment re-measure is recommended after 12 months once consistent changes have been implemented.

+ Is there an option to use the leadership assessment without consulting support?

Yes, we have an option for one or more of your internal consultants or leadership development specialists to complete our Impact Accreditation Workshop. Your accredited team member(s) may then conduct an assessment, receive and interpret the feedback reports, and support leaders in their development journeys. Many organizations find it beneficial to have external support when working with executive and C-suite teams.

+ What types of teams are the best fit for the leadership program?
  • Leadership teams committed to investing in their individual and team development
  • Leadership teams ready to accelerate their performance and results while supporting the organization’s objectives
+ What should follow the leadership development program?

Consulting options include continuing to work with the accredited external leadership expert and/or accrediting internal team members in Human Synergistics diagnostics so that they can continue to build momentum and sustainable change with the individuals and team. Subsequent developmental initiatives should focus on the findings from the assessment re-measure. After the work is completed in this program, a next step would be to begin a similar program with the next level of leadership (above or below this group), and so on utilizing Management/Impact® (M/I) or the Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI).

Still have questions? Get in touch with a leadership expert to learn more.