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Our research-based assessments and simulations give you validated, data-driven tools that enable enable individuals to reach their potential, groups to realize synergy, and organizations to achieve sustainability. With an integrated system based on a common language and visual (the Circumplex), we can help you achieve your goals across all levels of your organization or the organizations you support.

You’ll find a full list of our products below, and we’re here to help you find the right solution for your unique challenges and goals.

Organization Development

• Customer ServiceStyles™ (CSS)

• The Culture Journey Experience (updates pending; check back soon)

Group & Team Development


Group Styles Inventory™ (GSI)


Survival Simulation Series

Desert Survival Situation™, Desert II Survival Situation™, Bushfire Survival Situation™, Reef Survival Situation™, Tsunami Survival Situation™, Subarctic Survival Situation™, Cascades Survival Situation™

Safety Simulation Series

Fire Safety Situation™, Back Injury Safety Situation™, Tornado Safety Situation™

Business Simulation Series

Project Planning Situation™, Meeting Effectiveness Situation™, Customer Complaint Situation™, Cultural Change Situation™, Envisioning a Culture for Quality™, Turnaround™

Challenge Simulation Series

Organizational Change Challenge™, Critical Thinking Challenge™, Ethical Decision Challenge™, Constructive Negotiations Challenge™, Strategic Planning Challenge™, Performance Management Challenge™, Project Management Challenge™

Our Consultants

Our consultants are recognized world-class professionals with extensive experience in the process of creating sustainable performance. They can work directly with you to help you achieve genuine change.

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Get Accredited

Empower yourself or your staff with our industry-recognized Accreditation & Application Workshops. Gain the skills to transform your organization from the inside out.

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From news and events to articles, case studies, and white papers, our extensive knowledge base has the latest news and insights on all things culture.

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