Organizational Effectiveness Inventory®

Research and development by Robert A. Cooke, Ph.D. and J. Clayton Lafferty, Ph.D.

The Organizational Effectiveness Inventory (OEI) is your gateway to a deeper understanding of your organization’s culture and performance — gained through the perspectives of the people who live it every day.

A partner to the Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI®), the OEI assessment provides valid, reliable, and usable “climate” data on the structures, systems, technologies, and skills that shape your culture — and how they can be modified and developed to improve long-term effectiveness at the individual, group, and organizational levels.

How it works

The OEI is a comprehensive 20-minute survey that gathers confidential feedback from your employees on:

  • their experience and perceptions of things that influence, and can be changed to improve, your organization’s culture and performance.
  • the outcomes of your culture for individuals (e.g., their engagement), groups (teamwork), and the organization as a whole (adaptability and overall quality of products/services).

Additionally, the assessment can be supplemented with up to 40 items or questions of your choice.

Participants’ responses to the survey are aggregated and electronically analyzed to generate a report to support your organizational development or culture change initiative. When administered along with the culture survey, participants are provided with a combined OCI/OEI feedback report that integrates the results of the two assessments. A Human Synergistics consultant or accredited practitioner then guides you through the findings and the steps required for successful change management.

The OEI survey is available online and in hard copy format.

Complementary tools

We recommend that you apply the OEI in tandem with the Organizational Culture Inventory, which focuses on behavioral norms and expectations, to get a comprehensive picture of the organization’s operating culture, current outcomes, and levers for changing culture and strengthening performance. The Life Styles Inventory™ and ACUMEN® Leadership WorkStyles™ 360 feedback assessments can be used as a follow-up when the OEI results indicate that improvements in leadership are needed.

The Benefits

The OEI can be used as part of organizational change initiatives as a tool for:

  • assessing members’ attitudes, motivation, and stress levels
  • identifying performance targets for the organization as well as for members and teams and/or subunits within which they work
  • documenting the need and the “case” for improvement and change
  • selecting organizational development strategies and levers for culture change
  • monitoring and evaluating the impact of change and development initiatives and interventions

Make the OEI part of your drive for change

The OEI is best applied by Organizational Development specialists who’ve been trained to use it. We offer two options:

  • An accredited and experienced Human Synergistics consultant can help you to use the OEI, identify relevant changes in systems and structures, and improve problem solving and performance. Simply contact us to team up with a consultant who’s right for your organization.
  • You can ‘do it yourself’ by arranging OEI accreditation for one or more of your team. This will ensure they have the skills to administer the OEI, identify the changes needed, and help the organization to grow and develop. To get started, register for an upcoming accreditation workshop.

If you would like to know more about the Organizational Effectiveness Inventory, or any of our wide range of assessments, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.