Reveal The Full Potential of Your Organization’s Culture!

Introducing AI Prescriptive & Interactive Reports: Precision in Every Decision

Unveil your organization’s cultural potential with our new AI Prescriptive & Interactive Reports. Enhance OCI/OEI feedback with advanced AI insights, offering tailored strategies, pinpointed cultural shifts, and data-driven outcomes.1 The AI Prescriptive Report strategizes with clarity and is praised for its simplicity and effectiveness. Meanwhile, the Interactive Report allows for a deep dive into your organization’s culture, offering narrative feedback and insights on its evolution and impact. With both tools in hand, achieve precision in every organizational decision.

Starting October 24, 2023, all OCI/OEI projects will incorporate these two innovative report options.

AI Prescriptive Report: Strategize with Clarity!

Upgrade your OCI/OEI feedback with advanced AI insights.

  • Tailored Plans: Merge your OCI/OEI data with proven stats for a clear roadmap.
  • Culture Change: Identify key norms and transformative levers for a positive shift.
  • Data-Driven: Focus on essential cultural styles and strategies for maximum outcomes.

User Praise:

“Highlights some of the biggest issues in a simple way.”

“I love the simplicity of this tool and how it gets to the point for clients.”

“Great compliment to existing offerings.”

Interactive Report: Navigate with Insight!

Delve deep into your organization’s culture with unparalleled precision.

  • Empower Change: Foster meaningful change by pinpointing and enhancing specific cultural areas.
  • Narrative Feedback: Grasp the story of your organization’s true culture.
  • Key Features:
    • Understand how the current culture evolved.
    • Identify disconnects between ideal culture and operational norms.
    • Gauge the impact of culture on performance outcomes.

Delve deep into your organization’s culture with unparalleled precision.

“Exceptionally easy to use!”

“Tool has become [my] go-to…”

“Very helpful for debrief!”

Available Now!

Beginning October 24, 2023, both these groundbreaking report options will be included with all OCI/OEI projects.

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1. The Prescriptive Feedback and Action Plan is produced using traditional AI, which is based on our own proprietary code, logic, data, and algorithms. We are not using generative AI, which is used, for example, by ChatGPT, Dall-E and Bard.
2. The Prescriptive Feedback and Action Plan is not yet available internationally and we’re diligently working to share it globally, soon!