Assessments for Leaders & Managers

Measure leadership impact and effectiveness, as well as leader and managerial strategies, competencies, and styles, with our assessments for leaders and managers.

Leadership/Impact® (L/I)

Leadership/Impact is a 360 degree assessment that provides leaders with targeted feedback on their leadership strategies and impact on others, and thus, the culture they create. L/I is ideal for executives, key-level managers, and others in strategic leadership positions.

Management/Impact® (M/I)

Management/Impact is a 360 degree assessment that provides managers with insights into how they carry out their roles and responsibilities and the impact they have on people around them. M/I is designed for managers, project managers, supervisors, and others who have management responsibilities.

Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI)

The Life Styles Inventory helps individuals to develop Constructive thinking and behavioral styles that are proven to be related to job performance, quality of interpersonal relationships, and problem-solving effectiveness.

ACUMEN® Leadership WorkStyles™ (LWS)

ACUMEN Leadership WorkStyles helps self-motivated leaders strengthen the thinking and behavioral styles that promote their effectiveness. LWS is ideal for executives, managers, and leaders who would like to develop and grow to realize their full potential.

Management Effectiveness Profile System™ (MEPS)

The Management Effectiveness Profile System provides managers with confidential and in-depth 360 degree feedback, promotes self-awareness, and facilitates the development of key skills. MEPS is appropriate for lower-middle to upper-level managers.

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