Mike Blevins

As a young leader, I was fortunate in being introduced to a suite of assessments from Human Synergistics. One of my favorite breakthrough stories involves a manager whose self-assessment did not align with those who were providing him with feedback. Implementing the LSI-2 along with some coaching, he acknowledged that working to change his style would have positive outcomes. He set goals, succeeded in his change efforts, and went on to become an effective senior leader in his organization.

Most companies don’t invest in meaningful leadership development until leaders are well into their career, which is unfortunate. In my experience, the return for the company and the individual would be multiplied if awareness of one’s constructive styles were introduced earlier and as part of an ongoing development program.

After a successful career in the electric power industry, Mike now serves as a consultant to the broader energy industry primarily in organizational, executive, and leadership development. His experience and interest in safety, human performance, lean, servant, and constructive leadership serve as a foundation to his approach for building high performance teams.