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I was first introduced to Human Synergistics in 1989 by way of a team building simulation called Desert Survival Situation. More recently, I have been working with several clients using the Organizational Culture Inventory®. Over the years in consulting and coaching with various HS tools, I have had several success stories, plus some failures, and my biggest learning has been the critical need for a leader’s dedication, determination, and discipline to the HS process. This is so fundamental to success that at this point in my career, I will not even consider taking on a new client if I sense the leader is not fully dedicated to the development process.

The HS assessments and simulations provide and sustain successful business results in the areas of culture and professional development, but the road to success takes both time and effort by all involved.

Congratulations to Human Synergistics on their 50th Anniversary!

Mary Paul, President

Mary Paul, President

Mary Paul LLC is a boutique consulting firm dedicated to transforming leaders and creating cohesive teams enabling them to achieve successful business results. As a former Director of Leadership coaching, Mary Paul coached front-line supervisors and C-suite executives at two iconic brands, Harley-Davidson Motor Company and Anheuser-Busch Companies.