Jeff Halsey

Recently, a coaching opportunity with an operations manager who was not relating well with direct reports, nor with other members of the organization, resulted in very positive outcomes.

Employee Engagement scores reflected the perception that management was autocratic and single-minded. Using the Life Styles Inventories 1&2 and the Circumplex, we were able to identify areas for re-alignment and developed an action plan to improve the manager’s leadership capabilities and impact.

The value of LSI was not only in the collection of valid data but also in the provision of a framework to explain the how the Circumplex styles “work together” to shape one’s behavior and interactions. Employee Engagement scores improved significantly as a result of informed action planning and a significant change in approach by the leader.

Jeff Halsey conducts internal coaching assignments and leads L&D initiatives for the Minerals Division of Weir. A seasoned HR executive, Jeff is currently semi-retired but remains active in developing others.