Welcome to the Transglobal Leadership Survey Portal!

Thank you for your interest in the Quantum Edition of the Transglobal Leadership Survey. The version of the survey you will be experiencing is the same one that was used to collect data for our book, Winning with Transglobal Leadership. Your responses to key items will be reported back to you and added to our research file (which will be analyzed to develop the next version of the survey).

Please provide the information requested below and we will send you an invitation within 2 business days to complete our survey and a form to identify the people you would like to describe you (the Respondent Selection Form). The e-mail address you provide will be used to send not only your invitation but also your feedback report. We will treat all information you provide, including your address, with confidentiality.

Once you receive your invitation, you will have one week to access and submit the Respondent Selection Form and three weeks to complete your Self-Report survey. To ensure that our invitations do not get diverted by spam filters, please add Survey@transglobal-leadership.com to your address book and ask your Respondents to do the same.

Please keep in mind that we must receive completed surveys from at least three other people to provide you with description-by-others results. Therefore, please identify at least five others to describe you, advise them of our forthcoming invitation, and then follow-up with them to make sure they have submitted their responses.

Feel free to contact us at Survey@transglobal-leadership.com if you have any questions.

Sincerely yours,

The Transglobal Leadership Team
Robert A. Cooke, PhD
Peter Barge
Nazneen Razi, PhD
Linda D. Sharkey, PhD

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