• Johnsonville Sausage: Ensuring a Culture for Growth

    Members and leaders of Wisconsin-based Johnsonville Sausage have a bold vision to “be the best company on earth.” This requires that the leading national sausage brand be culturally prepared and poised for aggressive innovation on its way to growing and becoming a $1 billion company. An important step was determining whether the company’s Research and…

  • Culture Shift + Leadership Development = Sustainable Results for Advocate Health Care

    As the largest health system in Illinois, Advocate’s challenge was to increase and stabilize engagement, focus on culture change, and strengthen relations within a high-profile, semi-autonomous unit that struggled with negative team dynamics, unproductive work relations, and entrenched passive-aggressive behavior.

  • Culture Change at HKS: Resilient and Responsive

    Dallas, Texas-based architectural firm HKS Architects creates places that enhance the human experience, like the US Bank Stadium, home of the 2018 Super Bowl. After collecting employee satisfaction data for 10 consecutive years, leadership sought to better understand the current culture and the roadblocks that were inhibiting employees from taking the most successful actions.

  • The Missing C in C-Suite = Culture

    Marti Wronski, General Counsel and SVP with the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club, shares: “Successful transformation happens when the majority of people in the company have aligned beliefs and when proper leadership mindsets fuel consistent action.”

  • People First—Culture Transformation at OSK

    Angie Zeigler, Vice President of Talent Management at Oshkosh, on the importance of syncing leader and manager development with efforts to understand and evolve the overall culture.

  • A shift to culture and leadership development solves engagement enigma

    To increase and stabilize engagement, a high-profile, semi-autonomous unit of Advocate Health Care chose to focus on organizational culture change, recognizing an opportunity and need to strengthen relationships within the unit as members worked to achieve their strategic goals. Using a combination of organizational and leadership assessments, as well as individual and team coaching and…

  • Pact Helps Change the World by First Changing its Own Organizational Culture

    Mission-driven Pact is a nonprofit organization striving to eradicate poverty and strengthen local capacity in communities across the globe. Operating in 26 countries, Pact aims to give poor and marginalized individuals the tools and support they need to improve and take ownership of their futures. While Pact has always focused on empowering the people served, its own culture and the empowerment of…

  • Employee Engagement: Is It Really “The Holy Grail” of HR?

    As the economy slowly makes its way back in recovery mode, and more employees are concerned with issues beyond job security, we are beginning to see a return to a focus on “employee engagement” as the critical overriding factor within organizations that drives performance. But is that really all there is to it? Should companies…

  • Coronavirus Update

    Coronavirus has significantly impacted all our personal and professional lives, and we at Human Synergistics UK (HSUK) are committed to the safety and continued success of our clients, employees and associates. Like you, our clients, the last few weeks have brought significant changes to the way that we do business. We, the team at HSUK,…

  • Financial Returns from Culture Change

    Research shows that Constructive culture styles are related to profitability. Click here to download the infographic.