Hanes first began working with HS diagnostics in 2013. At this time, the business was going through an organisational restructure as well as commencing the journey of adopting Lean in a non-manufacturing environment. Hanes felt that it was during this period of transition and transformation that leaders needed to continue to work on their leadership most. It became clear that the company needed to give its teams the tools to lead through these change programs if they were going to be successful.


Hanes’ Constructive Leadership Journey is a comprehensive development pathway where leaders are supported to translate insight into action through workshops, 1-1 coaching and peer networking. One of the unique aspects of Hanes’ approach to development is the depth of commitment shown to truly helping leaders deepen their awareness of self and how they impact others. Hanes’ approach to developing their leaders is distinct in that their leaders are required to experience LSI three times before moving forward to the next level development program.

“This is a leadership journey, and we genuinely want our leaders to focus on making a better life for themselves and to help their people do the same. This requires serious consideration and deep understanding of what the circumplex means.”

Sandra Blackburn, Group General Manager of People and Culture


Increase in (eNPS) during COVID-19.


Increase in ratio of highly engaged to disengaged within 5 years.


Reduction in defensive impact.

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