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Allan Stewart

 MEPS™ – Another Look

   by Allan Stewart, B.Com, MBA

MEPS or Management Effectiveness Profile System™ has had a facelift. MEPS measures the competencies that every manager must have in order to be effective. This 360° assessment provides feedback on a manager’s task, interpersonal and personal skills. MEPS has been a staple of Human Synergistics for over two decades.

MEPS measures fourteen management competencies, providing participants with self and 360° feedback in both raw data form, as well as comparative scores using percentiles. The “look” of the report was updated in 2015 with a few new features. Now, we have updated the facilitator’s slide deck and delivery options.

Facilitators now have the option of using a short, half-day program or a longer one-day workshop. The half-day program allows participants to work mostly on their own to learn how the assessment was scored and what the results mean. They then select two skills for which they received low scores from others and develop strategies, using the MEPS self-development guide that comes with each report.

The long version requires more team work. In this version participants work together to identify those skills that are important to themselves and the organization. Facilitators provide additional exercise books for each participant* that direct the participant to select four skills on which to work. These skills are important to the organization and to themselves, as well as skills for which they received low scores. Participants also work on one selected skill in teams to enhance learning and facilitate understanding.

We are also offering for the first time, a MEPS Certification Workshop. Although not required for facilitators to use MEPS, this one-day program will provide participants with the tools they need to successfully debrief both versions of the workshop. Let us know now if you are interested and we will notify you once a date has been selected.

For those who do not wish to attend the Certification Workshop, the two new Powerpoint© shows are available, along with the Leaders Guide, from Human Synergistics for $100. If you contact us within thirty days, you can receive these for $50 plus taxes and shipping.


*These exercise books can be purchased from Human Synergistics at $4 each or you can purchase the PDF file for $100 and print as many as you wish.