Several books are available for those interested in learning more about individual and organizational development. Thoroughly researched and richly detailed, they collectively provide practical information on how to modify Defensive styles and strengthen Constructive behaviors.

book cover with man in suit and hockey skates holding stick

Get Your Head in the Game, What Business Leaders and Athletic Coaches Can Learn from Each Other

By Allan Stewart

Provide leaders, coaches, and HR Professionals with the ammunition they need to be outstanding in their field. Get Your Head in the Game combines the best practices of both athletic coaches and business leaders to present a unique perspective on the process of leadership.

Drawing on decades of practical experience and academic research, Allan Stewart presents complex ideas in a straightforward and engaging manner. With the book’s three parts—The 7 Steps of Coaching, the 14 Rules of Leadership and Creating a Culture, anyone can become a great leader or coach—and improve the quality of their teams.

culturebook creating constructive cultures

Creating Constructive Cultures: Leading People and Organizations to Effectively Solve Problems and Achieve Goals

By Janet L. Szumal, PhD with Robert A. Cooke, PhD

Find out how leaders in a variety of industries are changing the world—one organization at a time! 

If attracting and retaining talent, encouraging innovation, expediting strategy implementation, and bolstering expansion and growth are at the top of your organization’s agenda, then you need to read Creating Constructive Cultures.

Venture into the culture change journeys of organizations—big and small, global and local, public and private, in various industries and countries—to discover what works and what doesn’t. You will learn the secrets of how leadership teams around the world have successfully shifted their workplace cultures in a more productive direction using a proven methodology.


Build the Culture Advantage, Deliver Sustainable Performance with Clarity and Speed

by Tim Kuppler and Ted Garrett 

This practical guide outlines a clear, customizable framework for building a strong culture foundation and steering the work directly at performance priorities. Written by a collaboration of culture experts, it includes proven approaches to connect culture and performance with clarity and speed.